Dont be a Bad Eskimo

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April 23, 2017 by dleecox

White people were so full of shit.

Anik took a quick drag from his Marlboro. His hand landed in the wet snow with a smack.

Heart attack. Must’ve been.

He was dizzy, had a hard time lifting the cigarette to his mouth. A struggle.

So full of shit. Sent Army, Coast Guard, to the village on their schedule. My people lose teeth, Army man smiles.

It was Nuniq that had the idea. The white people simply were not going to help. They built their cities, consumed the natural resources, burned up the sky, and we lost the whale. And then all the things that fed upon them. Nuniq understood our connection to the whale – and the things that fed upon them.

No more children. Simply stop having children.

Oh, the idea was not met well.

But it made sense to this one. Then that one. And so on until the village grasped the power in the idea.

Anik was the last. His father was a toddler when Nuniq died.

It took a generation of explanation. Then a generation of practice.

Here the Inutiq’a would pass into the Earth, far beneath the snow.

No more starving. No more pain. Damn if Nuniq wasnt right.

The village would rot, then most likely pass into the sea.

Their history, their stories, the songs, the skills, washed into the waves, sifted into the thick misty white arcs over the waves, the gateway to eternity.

Anik gasped his final breath, like a seals bark.

The Marlboro burned to the filter between his dark fingers without a care.

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