Dont Tell a Newb – an Introduction


April 25, 2017 by dleecox

tl;dr : shit you need to know to get started

For a long time I’ve wanted to start a vlog called “Dont Tell a Newb” but I cant seem to excite enough friends to do it help me.

The idea is that every time you start something new, there’s very important information nobody mentioned. Not in any book, not in any blog, and not on any video in the Greatest Educational Resource Ever Devised By Humans –

I’m not talking about “life hacks” or tricks, I’m talking about fundamental concepts, tools, skills, cash money on the barrel head.

Take, for instance, jogging. What would Dont Tell a Newb© tell someone what wants to start jogging?

Seems simple enough. Just go outside and start running, right?

Au contraire, mon ami.

There is a LOT more to jogging, but first and foremost, what they dont tell you in all the apps and youtubes is:

    Dont cheap out on brand name shoes with good soles and support. Plantar faciitis is something akin to heating a twenty-penny nail to glowing red then jabbing it into the back of your heel. And leaving it there FOR DAYS.

There you have it. The first Dont Tell a Newb©. Short and simple. From here the world of jogging is yours! Yay! [not yay ☹ ]

While this is fairly well over simplified, that’s the idea. Fundamental, first step information you wont be told immediately. The, “Well, shit, if I’da known that I woulda stayed my fat ass on the couch” type stuff.


2 thoughts on “Dont Tell a Newb – an Introduction

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