Foot Sitting Nerd

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May 2, 2017 by dleecox

“Foot Sitting Nerd”: apex of nerds – benign guru of a given subject.

Sits with one foot under posterior.

Dungeon master, Arduino programmer and encyclopedia of Marvel Universe / DC Multiverse (both – not one or the other).

General good humor, non-self-aware, aggressive only when challenged regarding known subjects, e.g. D&D rules and regulations, periodic table, and orders of execution.

Older FSNs can diagram sentences and can recognize Richard Wagner or Joseph Haydn within the first 16 bars.

These are not your average Star Wars nerds or Trekkies (altho they are well versed in both).

Beware of posers. SysAdmins? No. White Hat Hackers? Prolly. Learn to recognize the difference.

Trolls? No. Helpful forum posts on Stack Exchange? Yes.

Whovians, not Shadows.

Chucks, not Toms.

Oh, and Wierd Al aficianados.

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