Egotistic Mania

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July 9, 2017 by dleecox

He said, “I’m OK if you don’t want to believe in God or Jesus or the Holy Catholic church – but I’m not OK if you think there’s nothing greater than you.

“There are plenty of other belief systems, ones that believe in the greater good of men and women, that seek natural right and wrong.”

He led her to the creek-side and they sat on a huge boulder that overlooked rushing green water.

“I dont want to imagine you leaving this world with darkness in your heart – in your spirit. Certainly when I pass there will be a smidgen of doubt, but I will die with hope in my heart that I will be delivered to a better place. I want that for you, at the very least.

“If you cannot believe there is something greater than all this surely you can leave this plane a better place having had you exist within it.

“But I’m sure, if you close your eyes and be, just be, you will come to understand theres so much more than we can understand while wrapped in blood and desire.”

She lay prone on the rock and let the water rush through her fingers.

“Maybe,” was all she said.

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