To blog or not to bloggity blog.

I quit Faceypages because it felt very much like an addiction. I couldnt stay off of it at work, getting dopamine dumps in line at the DMV, waking up in the morning and immediately reaching for my phone to see if anyone commented or liked my post, to see if I had successfully trolled that troll that trolled my friend, and so on.

I got on Twitter because I felt I could post my opinion and not worry about having to argue with close, dear friends about it, and hell, I could even troll major (and minor) celebrities, thereby giving my opinion, self-servingly of course, weight. Apparently eleventy-billion other losers feel the same way and man, they can be WAY better trolls than I am.

But I’ve since lost interest in Twitter due to the overwhelming sense that my opinion meant exactly as much as anyone else’s – nothing. I’m on it for nothing beyond reading updates and news posts.

Politically it seems I lean conservative, but in practical application, day to day life, it seems I’m quite the moderate.

I hate the .gov and I abhor .corp, something some would have you believe are diametrically opposed, others, one in the same.

I’ve been playing with the idea and  threatening myself to start a blog.

A bloggity blog.

A blog where I can post opinions, ideas, self-analysis, observations and general self-aggrandization to no one, to the ether, to the great expanse from now until… well… now… and now… aaaannndddd now.